Healthcare Tech Cloud | Healthcare Cost Accounting
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Healthcare Cost Accounting

Course Description

Cost Accounting is an accepted method in the healthcare industry for economically and accurately tracing the consumption of a health system’s resource expenses (e.g., labor, supplies) to treatments, procedures, and patients. In a value-focused healthcare system, providers need a rational system for assigning so-called nontraceable expenses that are consumed to their origin.


This course is designed to show an overview of cost accounting concepts and how service line profitability and costing can benefit decision-making in a hospital and health system setting. This is done using in a presentation and lecture format. Anyone who contributes to or uses service line cost data in a health system can benefit from this training, from hospital administration, to practice management administration, to clinical and non-clinical leaders, to analysts.

This course is a prerequisite to the Healthcare Cost Accounting: Deep Dive course.

Course Goals

Attendees who complete this course successfully will be able to:

  • Understand cost accounting concepts and basic terminology
  • Understand the Causation Principle from Resources to Activities to Customers


  • None

Course Outline

  • What is cost accounting?
  • How is cost accounting different from financial accounting?
  • From Resources to Activities to Customers
  • Gathering Data and Turning it into Information
  • The Who and Why

  • An Income Statement at Many Levels
  • Cost Allocation Summary Steps
  • Cost Allocation – Deeper Dive
  • Why move from RCC to ABC?
  • Continuous Improvement & Roadmap