Healthcare Tech Cloud | Healthcare Costing Training: Middle East
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Hospitals may lose Millions without the DRG based costing system

The costing solution will offer an insight into their activity based costing, patient level costing & DRG level costing. It will help hospitals in analyzing their profitability at Each Activity, at each service line level and even at physician level.
Key Take Aways

Have a detailed understanding of how and why Cost Accounting is applied in a Healthcare setting

Describe the pros and cons of each Overhead Allocation Methodology and how each method is calculated

Differentiate between Patient Traceable and Allocated Costs

Understand and apply costing terminology and concepts

Understand the relationships between various source systems that can be used in a cost model

Describe the pros and cons between RCC, ABC, and Hybrid Costing Methodologies and how each method is calculated

Highlight on the latest government regulations & policies in healthcare

Become familiarized with best practices of Reconciliation and Reporting of cost information


Healthcare Finance

CFO, HOD Finance, HOD Accounts, Financial Consultants

Healthcare IT

CTO, HOD IT & Operations, IT decision-makers, data and enterprise architects, bioinformatics, clinical, analytics, and genomics professionals

Healthcare Supply Chain & Procurement

HOD Supply Chain, HOD Procurement

Healthcare Management & Faculty

CEO, Researchers, Professors, HHS, VA, DOD


Umang Nahata

CEO, Evosys

Thought leader in healthcare finance & strategic adviser to healthcare finance leadership globally

Christie M. Scanlon

Healthcare Cost Consultant Scanlon Enterprises, LLC

20+ years of experience in Cost Accounting in healthcare systems across U.S., Middle East & Asian Markets

Dr. Nitin Verma

Sr. Vice President Healthcare Practice, Evosys

Holds 24+ years of experience in healthcare & led 2 country wide implementations on Patient & DRG Level Costing


Overview of the healthcare scenario globally & Impact of new DRG Regulations on hospitals

Costing Workshop: Reclassifications & Overhead Allocations

Costing Workshop Reconciliation, Reporting, and Wrap-Up

Hospital Cost Accounting Overview, Data Gathering & Initial Configuration

Costing Workshop: Detailed Patient Costing, Methods of Healthcare Cost Allocation